Happy Tuesday everyone! This fight’s almost over, though I have to admit it was pretty fun drawing Jared’s facial expressions in this. Almost as much fun as the fight itself.

Today’s blog post will be a little somber and a little more personal than I normally write.

I usually update these pages well in advance so this is a little late to be talking about Robin Williams, but I felt compelled to say something, even though there are many who can say things a lot more eloquently than I can. I grew up watching not only his movies, but Mork and Mindy reruns on TV. I remember Ms Doubtfire was in the theaters around the time of my parents divorce and it helped me as a teenager reconcile my new family structure. It helped again when my mother began dating some time afterwards. It’s unfortunate that so many of those who make us laugh are dying of pain inside, and I wish he had known just how many lives he had touched and how important his work had been to so many. While my own struggles with depression have been relatively minor, I have been depressed and anxious before and completely understand just how those lies can get to you. If any of you are struggling with depression, know that you’re not alone, and please get help if you need it.