So, originally when I drew this page, I drew a cloud of dirt heading towards the Order of the Owl bearded dude. When my husband saw it, he thought it was a cloud monster attacking Bearded Dude’s face. Like so:


It amused me so I named it Fluffy, the Attack Cloud.

Also, this page demonstrates why you probably shouldn’t have two different swords in the same fight. Most of the people have cutlasses, which are used for slashing, while Jared has a rapier, which is used for jabbing. Not the best combo, but since that’s the sword Jared has, he has to live with it. Fight, Jared! Fight!

This week’s worldbuilding is about the Ballast crystal! There have been members from the SpiderForest group doing Q&A for characters in our worlds and I got some questions. Now you can see why seasickness isn’t a problem in the world of the Thirteen Seas. If you have a question for any character, ask it in the comments and I’ll do a comic about it. 😀