Smoochie smoochie! So, who’s the lucky couple? 😀

If you’ve come here from Intervention con, welcome! I’m currently in a 2 week hiatus at the moment, so you’re getting glimpses of what’s to come in the next chapter. Chapter 14 officially starts next week on Thursday, but you can enjoy the previews and the archives. 😀

In two weeks, I’ll be at SPX. I’m at table B-12-B, sharing with Tamuran. I’ll be selling books and LaSalle’s Legacy merch at this show, so stop by if you’ll be there! Here’s a handy dandy map (click for a larger view):


Also, it’s the last week to apply for the Spiderforest collective! If you have a webcomic and think you’d be a good fit for our community, please apply here.