Oh dear. That’s not good.

I’m back from Intervention! And working hard on getting Chapter 14 ready to go. Brief synopsis: I had a wonderful time, as always. Onezumi and Harknell really know how to take care of their vendors; there were people to sit at tables, fetch food, and constantly checking to make sure everything was all right. It’s always a pleasure vending there because I feel so taken care of. I also have to thank my lovely booth babe/substitute husband Megami Jadeheart for taking care of me as well; she kept me watered, fed and caffinated (and dealing with my antics when I accidentally got overcaffinated). A girl couldn’t ask for a better friend. I had a great time hanging out with Tangent Artists, Jessi Pascal, Eric Menge, Liz Staley and Byron Clark, Travis and Jen Surber, Pete Abrams, and of course, Tamuran, who are all the nicest people you could ever meet. Meeting Robin Dempsey was one of the highlights of the con. I really wish she lived closer so I could pick her brain about storytelling; she’s so knowledgeable and knows how to explain in just the right way. It was also a pleasure to meet Darrenn E Canton and Kat Brenowitz, both local artists with amazing talent and again super nice. Check out everyone’s work if you can; they are all awesome people.

In two weeks, I’ll be at SPX. I’m at table B-12-B, sharing with Tamuran. I’ll be selling books and LaSalle’s Legacy merch at this show, so stop by if you’ll be there! Here’s a handy dandy map (click for a larger view):


Also, it’s the last week to apply for the Spiderforest collective! If you have a webcomic and think you’d be a good fit for our community, please apply here.