And that’s it! Thursday, we start! Hopefully you’re all as excited as I am for this next chapter. Looks like a lot of stuff’s going to be happening.

Hope everybody had a good Labor Day weekend! My husband had Monday off so we went to the Maryland State Fair. While the majority of people seem to go to the State Fair for all the carnival rides and deep fried food, I like seeing the animal competitions. I grew up in Suburbia so my only experience with farming is Harvest Moon games and Farmville. My husband’s family used to be farmers so he explained a lot of what was going on to me. What always surprises me is how big these animals actually are. Sheep and pigs are huge! No wonder you can get good eating off them.

Anyone else have a good Labor Day?

Next week I’ll be at SPX. I’m at table B-12-B, sharing with Tamuran. I’ll be selling books and LaSalle’s Legacy merch at this show, so stop by if you’ll be there! Here’s a handy dandy map (click for a larger view):