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This week’s Spiderforest Comic of the Week is Chirault by Verethane. Chirault is a fantasy adventure about Kiran, a demon who is also a demon hunter, and a tiny demon girl who is looking to get back to her regular size. Along the way they discover that the mages of their world may have inadvertently loosed a spell that could mean the end of the world. The art is beautifully rendered in ink-brush fashion and, like me, is in black and white. 😀

Saturday was the debut of “Legend of Korra!” What an awesome show. I think I’m a bit at a disadvantage not having watched all of Avatar, but I really enjoyed the first episode. I’m not surprised they took the steampunk worldbuilding route given its popularity and I think it’s kind of cool to see Asian Steampunk. Unfortunately our DVR broke so I’m forced to go old school and actually watch the show when it’s airing, not to mention being forced to watch commercials. I feel so primeval!