Ah, focus line filter. I abuse you so much.

This week’s Spiderforest Comic of the Week is Chirault by Verethane. Chirault is a fantasy adventure about Kiran, a demon who is also a demon hunter, and a tiny demon girl who is looking to get back to her regular size. Along the way they discover that the mages of their world may have inadvertently loosed a spell that could mean the end of the world. The art is beautifully rendered in ink-brush fashion and, like me, is in black and white. 😀

Part two of my blogging on my art process: Storyboarding using this page as an example.

Click the above for the full size.

A friend of mine storyboards this way; she prints out the page with margin lines scaled down to work on her scribblings. I just started to work this way and I find it helps me plan better when I can see both pages as they were meant to be displayed rather than single entities. It also helps when I want to do two page spreads. Mostly what I try to do in the storyboard is get the feel of the page down. I concentrate more on making a good composition and getting the emotions right for the characters rather than doing lots of detail. You can also see that I still end up changing things in the final drawings. The final panel with Cook wasn’t working emotionally for me when I initially drew it so I changed it.

You can also see why I don’t hand-letter my comics.