A… proposal?! And Maria’s not there to see it? Jeez you guys are selfish, denying her watching her hard work trying to get you two together! XD

Today is the day Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out so I’ll be spending most of the day making my character. XD I’m a huge Dragon Age fangirl, which you can see if you look at my DeviantArt gallery, so I’ve been looking forward to this all year. Mages! Templars! Dragons! Pride demons! Varric’s chest hair! It’s gonna be glorious. And I’ll probably be mostly quiet on most everything else since I’ll be playing this for most of the weekend. XD

This week’s webcomic of the week is Stargazer’s Gate by Tiffany Munro!

When Atrina enters the gate in her foster father’s workshop, she’s transported to a different world and told she has the power to enter these gates. Abandoning her sister, she goes on a journey of self-discovery, which of course leads to nothing but trouble and darkness. Tiffany has some gorgeous artwork and the story’s pretty neat. Check it out! 😀

Kickstarter promo time!

This is the last week to support Chirault’s kickstarter! Chirault has a kickstarter running! She’s already doing stretch goals, which means an awesome new story, so if you love Chirault, this is the perfect time to support her!

Also, my good friends who do Tamuran are also holding a kickstarter this month to print book 2. Tamuran is a beautifully drawn and written epic high fantasy comic and Eren and Kennedy are some of the nicest people in the world. If you love supporting creator-owned projects, please check both out. 😀