Yay, happy ending! Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

To finish out the year of Spiderforest Comic of the Week, I’ll feature our last comic for two weeks: From the Machine by Felix Wright!

A runaway supersoldier winds up serving as a bodyguard to a bard who loves telling stories but doesn’t believe in any of them. Together with a pyromaniac pilot, they go on poorly planned adventures!
Meanwhile, a weirdo who talks to trees is sidetracked from his Mysterious Quest when he meets a kid with strange powers and decides to protect him from the people who want to use him as a living weapon.
But a lot of suspicious people are up to no good, and nothing is quite what it seems….

You’ve seen Felix’s fabulous work on some fanart on the site so go check out his comic! It’s super pretty and one of the most interesting steampunk comics I’ve seen to date. 😀