So, more explanation time. Those in the Order of the Owl have the ability to completely remove magic from magic users. It’s a painful process and leaves the magic user dead, which is another reason why a lot of magic users fear them. Henry’s getting a solid taste of what it will feel like.

On a more pleasant note, I tend to ‘watch’ Let’s Plays while I work for games I feel like playing again but don’t have time for and discovered that GameGrumps is playing Kings Quest 6. I grew up on the King’s Quest series as a kid and have been happily reliving my childhood memories through GameGrumps, including the fights I had with my sister and the breakthroughs we had just talking and playing together. For those who don’t know about GameGrumps, they can be a little crude and obnoxious so if you don’t like that kind of commentary, there are lots of other LPs out there with lots of different personalities. They were just one of the first I saw (probably because they’re so big).

This week the SpiderForest comic of the week is Sombulus by Christina Major!

Follow Rana, Astyr, and Sydney as they travel to distant lands and dimensions causing trouble and having wacky adventures. Sombulus is a very fun romp through strange lands in the vein of comedic shounen manga. And you can’t go wrong in a place where tea fixes everything. 😀 Check it out!