Mark has an idea. TWC vote incentive is a sneak peek at the next page!

I’m currently working on a comic proposal for a manga magazine and need to take a couple of weeks off to do it. Like what happened at the beginning of this chapter, I’d love to have some fanart for my little hiatus. If you can contribute, please send it to me at zyrenskistudios at gmail dot com. Please don’t use the captain email as for some reason my computer hates it and I won’t be able to download the files. Oh, and please send stuff to me by August 9 if you’re interested. 🙂

This weekend I watched Pacific Rim. I was excited to see it after a bunch of my friends said how good it was and I have to admit I enjoyed myself thoroughly, mostly because it was like watching a live-action anime movie. I love the fact that del Toro does not use shaky cam (thank you so much!) and the colors were phenomenal. The world and ideas in the movie were actually better than the story execution, but the acting was quite good, especially Idris Elba who needs to be in everything because he’s amazing.

It’s almost time for Otakon! This is the first time in 3 years that I’ll be in the Otakon AA. I’m sharing a table with Megami Jadehart at table W06 inbetween Tamuran and Senshistock. Here’s the map:


If you’re going, please stop by!