Hi guys! So I thought February was bad but March felt like a dump truck ran over me. My husband had multiple surgeries for multiple kidney stones, my aunt passed away, and my cat was diagnosed with stomach cancer and we had to put her down; all within 3 weeks of each other! D: I was emotionally drained and exhausted and really couldn’t do anything art wise. I was hoping to get back to drawing the comic in March but I just couldn’t. So I’m taking another month to recuperate from the last two months and I will do my very best to start updating in May because I miss working on the comic. Pray that I have a very boring month and that the only issue I have to deal with is my daughter’s birthday (two already!!!! I can’t believe it!).

I will see you guys next month! Patreon early pages will resume in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for your patience!