Not much to say about this page, really. I was experimenting with how to shade the shrubbery. I’m not sure if it turned out as good as I wanted, but I’ll keep working at it.

Vote incentive this week is Jonathan in a tuxedo! I’m working on bookmarks to sell and I’ve been dying to try out a new technique with my copics so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. You’ll see the original artwork this week; the bookmark will be cropped and changed a bit. And Jonathan looks really good in a tux. Really good. The set will have Jonathan, Jared, Yvette, Rodney, Henry, and Elizabeth. If you have any other preferences, let me know and I’ll see if I can include them.

I spent much of the weekend playing Skyrim and working on my Bethany costume. In Skyrim, I managed to get through Boss Battle Part one. Man, that was rough. I am not looking forward to Boss Battle Part 2. Inbetween battles, I spend a lot of time smithing. I love smithing in Skyrim; it gives me a sense of accomplishment.