I’m back from Katsucon! Welcome to everyone who found me through that venue. We are currently in Chapter Four, so if you’re confused, there’s a list of links to the previous chapters on the left hand sidebar area. Thank you for coming by, and I hope you enjoy my work. 😀

I spent most of Katsucon sitting next to the creators of Tamuran (which is a fabulous comic), Technoangel Studios (not a comic, but beautiful artwork), and Megami Jadehart of Annie (another fabulous comic), all of whom are really wonderful people and made the con much more enjoyable. 😀 I also hung out with the creators of Snow by Night (another fabulous comic), and Chi from ChiStudios. It was my first time being in the Artist Alley since 2004 and things have changed a bit. I’ve gotten to know people in the art community more, which helps make the time passing more fun, and the table rates have gotten more expensive. We were set up right next to the dealers in the same room, which was a little odd and unusual. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic flow so I didn’t get to see as many wonderful costumes as I have at previous conventions, but I did get to see some that were really awesome. I also didn’t make my table cost, which means I might not be back next year unless I can share with someone. We’ll see.