That look is never good.

And that’s it for chapter seven! Chapter 8 will be starting next week! Starting the new year, we’ll have a brand new wallpaper for donation gifts. Vote this week to see a very small version of it; I’ll have varying screen sizes available soon. Also, expect an ad banner on the site as well. I’d love to keep this site ad-free, but i also need to make money. You guys understand I’m sure.

I’m also thinking of offering Book one as a DRM-free PDF, for those of you who like reading your comics on your computer, Ipad, or other mobile device. I was going to offer the entire book, which is 135 pages, but want to know what you guys think? Would you rather have the book (chapters 1-4) or would you rather buy each chapter individually? I’ll make sure you’re able to get any bonus comics and commentary either way. Let me know in either comments or the email. I will still be offering print versions, which I will gladly sign if you find me at a convention, but this way you can also get it digitally if, like me, you’re running out of book space in your home. 🙂