Van Heissler’s losing patience.

This the first of several future posts for the comic. I’m posting them all in March so you guys will have all of Chapter 19 to read before I go on maternity leave! Baby is due on April 17th, so hopefully all goes well. The blog will probably have mostly kickstarter campaigns that are going on right now since I won’t be updating weekly as I normally do. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the chapter and I’ll respond to comments when I can!

And if you love steampunk, mystery and action, check out Perpetual Flux! The artist, Julie Olsen, is AMAZING and the story is on the edge of your seat thrilling. There is a fair amount of gore in the comic so fair warning.

Cool kickstarters to back:

Snow by Night– It’s colonial fantasy! You know you need more trifold hats and Georgean dresses in your life.

Cassius– Intrigue in Classic Rome? Yes yes yes.