Bob? Bob…. that wasn’t a good idea Bob. Maybe you ought to have rethought your life priorites?

It’s still frigid outside though yesterday we did get a break with 40 degree weather. Now it’s back to 20 and icing all the melting snow over again. At least I have a lot of hot chocolate and tea in the house! Everybody stay warm!

I have two kickstarter-like campaigns to tell you about. The first is for Stefanie Battlane of Lost Nova. She’s trying to raise funds to print her comics for conventions. I love her artwork, in particular her copic marker sketchcard work so you should check out both her comic and if you can, contribute to the campaign!

The next is for my friend Liz Staley, who does the Adrastus Webcomic. She’s also raising funds to print book 3 of her comic and if you love 70’s robot anime and sentai shows, you will love Adrastus. She even has hand-made plushies as a pledge tier. Plushies!

Both are really good artists and people so please have a look at their work and their campaigns! If you like both their stuff, go and spread the word. 😀 Thanks!