I had a little too much fun drawing that last panel. I love drawing kooky wigs!

In gaming news, I have finished DragonAge 2! My first Hawke was a female mage, which I really enjoyed. I usually play warriors, so learning to get out of the way in time for my warrior companions to charge took some time, but in the end, I loved being able to wail on enemies with fireballs. 😀 The story was really excellent, even if it was extremely dark, and that ending was so tragic in so many ways. I wasn’t very satisfied with the ending because it felt like a cliffhanger without giving the player any sense of achievement. An extra cutscene with my Hawke and her companions would have been nice. I’m going to replay it, just to see what happens and to romance another character, but I don’ t know if I’ll import any of my other DragonAge wardens for the history.