Ah Jonathan. As Jago of the Seven knives said, he is one determined young man! 😀

I have here in my house a number of the first edition graphic novel for LaSalle’s Legacy and am trying to figure out how to get them on the store on the site. As I am not an HTML wizard this will take me some time. If you are interested in one and don’t want to wait for me to figure out how to code, please email me at captain at lasalleslegacy dot com and we’ll go over the details. 🙂 Each book is $10 plus shipping and handling, and I will personally sign it for you. Currently, I only take paypal for online transactions.

In more serious news, if you live here in the States, I’m sure you’re aware of the multitude of tornadoes devastating the middle part of the country. A comic shop called Hurley’s Heroes in Missouri is asking for comic donations to send to those in need. If you’re interested, please look here at their facebook page. As always the Red Cross is also a good way to help those in need.

Lastly, in gaming news, I recently went back to playing Final Fantasy XII, which I stopped playing about 5 years ago because I didn’t have time. I have since forgotten the story, and was debating about whether I should just start completely over when I saw that my last save clocked in at 94 hours. I decided that I really didn’t want to play all that again, so I continued where I left off. Wikipedia caught me up on the plot very nicely. Wikipedia, what would I do without you?