Welcome everyone who’s visiting from Intervention Con! We’re currently nearing the end of chapter Six; the chapters are listed on the upper left hand side so you can start from the very beginning if you need to.

Intervention con was a blast. I hung out with Eric and Brittney, Elaine Corvidae and her husband, Megami Jadeheart, Technoangel studios, Eren and Chezhnian, and Jessi Bavolack. I also met Danny Valentini of Draconia Chronicles, who is a super nice guy, and found myself helping out with a panel with Pete Abrams and Rob Balder (along with Elaine and Eric) about microserialization, of which I knew nothing about and was totally unprepared for. But I hope I at least contributed something entertaining. 🙂 I even bought me a Kiki plushie, which helped watch my husband watch my table while I was out schmoozing (or talking Dragon age with fellow geek Elaine). The pictures of that will be up on facebook, if I can figure out how to get pictures off my phone onto my computer.

Since Intervention is a relatively small convention, there was plenty of time to work on sketching, or just sit back and chill while we were selling our wares. It reminded me a lot of what I miss about art school, where you can show a drawing to someone nearby and say “I know something’s wrong with this, but I’m not sure how to fix it” and immediately someone else helps you along. I also got some wonderful tips on how to improve my use of Manga Studio from Eren, as well as a few tips on backgrounds from Brittney. There was plenty of space, lots of people to talk to, and lots of fun to be had. I’m still a little tired from the con, as I always am, but it’s a good tired.