I’m still working on my hand-lettering skills. The random man on Jon’s lawn is a spectator come to watch the fun. Not much action tends to happen in this neighborhood, so a fire is a great source of entertainment, up until the death toll is calculated.

In gaming news, I have finally finished Final Fantasy XII, after having started it about six years ago. It now has the honor of being the longest game I’ve ever played, and that includes both the years I took and the hours I spent playing it (120). When I started it up earlier in the month, I had completely forgotten what the story was. Thankfully, I found someone who did a “Let’s Play” video of it and have been listening to it while I work so I was caught up with most of the story by the time I finished the last boss. Plus, she had some good tips and I was thankful that I had leveled my characters up to 55 as she suggested. That final boss was brutal though. I almost didn’t think I’d beaten it until the final cutscene played. I didn’t finish up a lot of the Hunts, or side quests, and I’m pretty tempted to go back and do so. They are pretty fun.

By the by, these “Let’s Play” videos on Youtube are really amazing. If I forgot a story, or just want to see someone else get frustrated with a game, I can watch someone else doing it.

And, I’ve joined Twitter. Follow me! 😀 And I’m looking for good recommendations on who to follow as well, since I’m new.