Are you feeling the love yet?

While I do enjoy posting these worldbuilding tidbits, I think I’m going to have to post them once every two weeks. I have a lot of notes on my world, but most of the notes are written with me in mind so they’re not all that understandable to anyone not in my head. Sometimes, they’re not all that understandable to me at times. My brain is a strange place.

So what I’m going to do is post the last worldbuilding tidbit this week and starting next month, we’ll have a worldbuilding tidbit every other week. That’ll give me a chance to look over my notes and write out something much more comprehensive for you guys. Sound good? And let me know what kinds of things you want to know about. Some things I may be answering later in the series so I may not be as thorough with some parts, but I’ll answer any questions I can. I have lots of notes on religion, the Panda herself, Dryfast, St Barnabas, Southport (the major dock in St Barnabas), Figglesby and Son Trading company, magic, food, exports, all kinds of things. If you want to know about some of the crew of the Panda that don’t regularly get featured, ask away as well. They all have families and stories to tell. If I don’t get any requests, I’ll do my best to tie the tidbit in with the page or the story thus far. Hopefully this will be informative and you guys enjoy it. 😀

On to this week’s tidbit, which is Famous Foods of Dryfast (also courtesy of Delphina)!

Dryfast is a port town and as such is known for her seafood dishes. Many types of fish, shellfish, and serpents are frequently caught and eaten in Dryfast, but Dryfast is best known for her crab dishes. The most common crab dish is a crab stew known locally as ragu torteau (shortened from the Gallian ragout de torteau). It is a spicy dish with crab, some sort of fish, tomatoes, corn, rice, celery, and chili pepper seasoning. Different taverns will have their own variations on this dish.