The Old World of the Thirteen Seas follows the calendar of Internus, established in the year 1276 by the Grand Priest Adam. The year 0 marks the year when the great prophet Tuathal was born. There are seven days per week.

Days of the Week

Sunsday: Sunsday is the first day of the week and is named after the sun, the gift of all three deities. It is also the day of rest and worship, so all Hewanites are expected to attend Temple services in Hewan’s Temple this day. Most businesses tend to close on Sunsday to allow for worship.

Monday: Formerly Moonsday, Monday is the second day of the week and named for Hewan’s moon, the largest and brightest moon in the sky. Hewan’s Moon glows a bright white and is even bigger in the sky than the sun. It is not as bright as the sun but when Hewan’s moon is full, it can sometimes obscure some of the dimmer stars in the sky.

Fireday: Fireday is named after Alodan’s moon, which is the smallest in the sky and glows a bright red. Fire is Alodan’s element.

Starday: Starday is named after the North Star, fixed prominently in the sky by Hewan so sailors could navigate his world best. The only time you can’t see this star is during the daytime.

Earthday: Earth day is named after the planet Vinsuvius. Vinsuvius was the Ancient God of the earth.

Airday: Airday is named after the planet Kaeso. Kaeso was the Ancient God of the winds, and air was his element.

Waterday: Waterday is the final day of the week and named for Marah’s moon, the second largest moon in the sky. Marah’s moon glows a deep blue and is not as bright as either of her brothers’ moons. Marah is the keeper of Paradise and water is her element.

Months of the Year, Naxion Time:

Dark Moon: Mid Winter, 31 days. Holidays: New Year Festival.

Hewan’s Tear: Late Winter, 31 days. Holidays: Hewan’s Festival

Noroan: Early Spring, 31 days. Holidays: Newbudding. Named for the Old Naxion word, norĂ°an, meaning North Wind.

Rainfall: Mid spring, 30 days. Holidays: none. Tropical Storm season ends the 18th.

Marah’s Blessing: Late Spring, 31 days. Holidays: Marah’s Festival.

Midyear: Early Summer, 30 days. Holidays: none.

Sun’s Peak: Mid Summer, 31 days. Holidays: none.

Alodan’s Blade: Late Summer, 31 days. Holidays: Alodan’s Festival

Prouan: Early Fall, 30 days. Holidays: none. From the Old Naxion word Prouan, meaning South Wind.

Gylden: Mid autumn, 31 days. Holidays: None. From the old Naxion Gylden, meaning golden.

Harvest Moon: Late autumn, 31 days. Holidays: none

Ablic: Early Winter, 28 days. Holidays: none. From Old Naxion, Ablican, meaning to be white. Tropical storm season starts the 13th.