Threatening kids. Real classy there, Mark.

Some tidbits about the kids: The outspoken kid’s name is Harry. He’s about twelve and is the unheralded leader of the small group. He’s also a master pickpocketer who can’t stand being a thief and would do something better if he didn’t feel the others, particularly the girl cowering behind him, depended on him. The girl on the very left is Edith. She masquerades as a blind kid and brings in nearly half of the earnings. She loves being a con artist and is extremely good at it. The girl cowering behind Harry’s name is Allison and is a pickpocket like Harry. Solomon scares her because she’s turning thirteen soon and is beginning to show signs of becoming a woman. Once that happens, she knows she’ll be off to the Rose. The lanky boy on the far right is Leroy. He’s a little slow and pretends unconvincingly to be a cripple. He still works for Solomon because he doesn’t know what else to do.

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