And now we learn Yvette’s name. ^_^ Marah is one of the three gods in this universe. She is Hewan’s sister and is also the keeper of the dead. She is also known for helping women, which is why Yvette prays to her instead of Hewan. If you look carefully, you can also see some lorian crystals in the butcher’s meat case.

The marketplace Yvette has gone to is one of two in the city of Dryfast. There is one in the commoner’s quarters, and one near the rich folks’ quarters (I’ll bet you can guess which one Yvette is in).

And, I have finally completed the cast page! You can now not only see all the dramatis personae in full colour, but learn a bit more about them as well. I also have plans for a map of this part of the world and a dictionary/glossary page.