I really enjoyed drawing those bushes, even though I think I need to improve. It’s a shrubbery!

I am still working to get the store open for LaSalle’s Legacy graphic novels. If you want one sooner, please email me at captain at lasalleslegacy dot com and we’ll go over the details. Each one is $10 plus shipping and handling, and I only take paypal transactions at the moment.

Edit: I’ve been informed that Hurley’s Heroes is inundated with donations (yea!) so they’re asking folks to please contribute via Red cross instead.

In more serious news, if you live here in the States, I’m sure you’re aware of the multitude of tornadoes devastating the middle part of the country. A comic shop called Hurley’s Heroes in Missouri is asking for comic donations to send to those in need. If you’re interested, please look here at their facebook page. As always the Red Cross is also a good way to help those in need.

For the vote incentive this week, I’ve decided to do something different. I found a 100 prompts challenge on DeviantArt (here if you wish to do it yourself) and decided to try and complete it with LaSalles Legacy works. Depending on the prompt, It could be a scene that isn’t crucial to the storyline, or me playing with the characters. Either way, I’m going to be experimenting lots with art techniques, so hopefully I’ll improve along the way. Vote to see this week’s challenge: “Introduction”. 🙂