Wow, page 16 already. Time is going fast!

You didn’t think Rodney would let Patrick die, did you? 🙂

I don’t think I have much else to say about this page. Enjoy!

I just finished watching “Watchmen” last night ( I’m so behind on my popular movies!) and, despite all the bad critical reviews, thought it was pretty well done. It was quite long, and felt long, and I wasn’t enthused about some of the music choices, but overall it was close to the spirit of the book. So, I guess as a fangirl, I didn’t feel it was that bad of a movie. I still cringe when I see female superheroes in high heels though; I kept waiting for the Silk Spectre to break her ankles.

Next week, I won’t be updating since I’ll be out of town at a cousin’s wedding. Be back the following week, September 27 for the next page.