Remember Solomon? He’s back too! Everybody’s making a reappearance this chapter!

Hi to everyone who’s coming here after seeing me at Katsucon! We’re currently in the beginning of a new chapter; you can start from Chapter One, or you can go here to the list of other chapters if you’ve already read a book or two. 😀

I had a wonderful time at Katsucon, thanks to Amy Lynn Duengfelder and Atelier Angel, who were the best table neighbors a girl could ask for. I’m a little braindead at the moment so I don’t remember anything aside from seeing the whirlwind of people and cosplayers who passed by my table, but I had a pretty good time. I’d do a writeup, but all I did was sit at my table and sell my work so it wasn’t an exciting con to write about. I did meet Rikki Simons who voiced Gir in Invador Zim and was able to chat with him for a bit. He did a small comic series with Tokyopop which I did not know about, so once i dig his card out of the pile I collected at katsu, I will be checking it out.