I think this is one of my favorite pages in this chapter. It just came together a lot more nicely than I thought it would so yay!

I’ve been doing a lot of movie analysis lately, mostly looking at how certain directors compose shots and use that composition to enhance the storytelling. It’s what I’ve been working on in the past few chapters of LaSalle’s Legacy and while I don’t think I’m quite at the point where it comes together all the time, it’s coming together more often than not. I also watch a lot of videos like this one, analyzing the shots for the opening of Kill la Kill, to really get a feel for how directors handle these things visually. It’s something that looks so easy and we instantly recognize depending on how much TV or movies we watch, but it’s actually pretty difficult to pull off. I appreciate these things a lot more now that I’ve seen how much work directors put into these shots, and how much work I put into my comic pages. XD If you like this kind of thing, the channel for Every Frame a Painting does an excellent job with different aspects of movie storytelling. It helps if you’ve seen the movie most times, but even if you haven’t you learn something.