Dun da da dah! It’s a new chapter! Remember Ingrid? Looks like she’s navigating those traps Van Heissler has lying around.

Vote incentive is a sneak peek at Thursday’s page.

This week’s Spider Forest Comic of the Week is The Cyantian Chronicles by Tiffany Ross. Welcome to Cyantia, a world of lush forests, jungles, oceans and deserts. It’s a wonderful unspoiled world inhabited by the Cyantians, immigrants who were stranded on the world by a race of ancient creatures in search of a cure for a disease that eventually wiped them out. Life goes on and generations have been born on this world, going through the normal cycles of conflict and peace to this day. But that is about to change. For one young group of Cyantians, life is about to become far more dangerous as they are targets to be turned against their own families, any way possible. Tiffany does anthropomorphic animals really well and does an awesome job with expressions!