More trouble?

Quick website announcement. I normally schedule these posts to update early in the morning before I wake up because it’s a little easier to have everything done automatically for me. However, for the past month my scheduler has not been working and every morning I wake up with the comic telling me it missed the update schedule. This hasn’t been too much of a problem because I’ve been home and can correct it, but I will be away next week and won’t be able to check if the comic updated. I’ve been trying a few different things to fix the scheduler but nothing I’ve done so far seems to have worked. This chapter will end on Thursday and I was planning on next week being a break with fanart and sketches, so if I can’t get this fixed this week, I’ll take a week off from updating next week and we’ll start the new chapter on the 23rd as originally planned. I hate doing this but my computer knowledge skills are extremely limited and I haven’t been able to pinpoint the problem for a couple of weeks now.

Incidentally, if any of you are computer geniuses and able to help, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m using WordPress 3.8 with ComicPress, though Frumph assures me comicpress isn’t the problem, wordpress is.

This weekend, if you’re in the MD area and you love comics, particularly from the indie scene, I’ll be at SPX! I’m at table E10-11 with all my Spiderforest peeps so come and say hi! We’ll have comics from Snow by Night, Sombulus, Chirault, Altar Girl, StarCrossed Destiny, and many many more! And SPX is a great place to go if you’re tired of the action comic superhero fare and are looking for something different.