Jared has a shirt on? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?

Put two seaman in Nature and they are not happy. Who knew the woods had so many different kinds of bugs?

I actually love hiking and mountain climbing, even though I haven’t been on a long one in a while. I’ve never been overnight hiking either so I’ve never had to carry a tent around on my back or food enough for days. One of these days, that might be nice to try, though I am very attached to my indoor plumbing.

True fact: I forgot to put their backpacks in this page until yesterday and scrambled to draw and redraw them in. Lesson: Do not forget the details!

Also true. There was a scene right before this one involving the harbormaster mentioned a few pages back. At the very last minute (meaning after I’d drawn and inked the majority of it) I realized the scene really wasn’t working or adding anything to the story so I dropped it. Since I worked on it, however, I put it up in the second tier of the Patreon feed.