We are back! Thank you guys so much for your patience. April still threw me a few curveballs in that I got sick for two weeks (only colds but enough to keep me from being productive) but I was able to do some work and am finally, FINALLY able to post chapter 21. And I am loving everything in this chapter so I am excited. It’s the endgame! OMG so much stuff! We will start with actual pages on the 15th since April was still a little less productive but I will be keeping up with the update schedule.

Also, this chapter is a bit of an experiment for me so you’ll see a few different techniques for how I wanted to do grayscale. I’m still working on what works for me visually and work wise so just be aware there will probably be some inconsistencies. But on the bright side ya’ll get to see me figure out how to Art better. XD