Hey! We can’t leave? Noooo!

Happy October everyone! I love pumpkin spice everything except on pumpkin pie so I am thoroughly enjoying buying everything pumpkin spice and enjoying it. For some reason I really hate pumpkin pie, but I like pumpkin soup! *shrugs* Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I’m also doing the Inktober challenge, where I draw and ink one drawing a day every day in October. At least that was the plan- originally I was going to try every day but then I forgot exactly how much time it was going to take, so I’ve scaled back to every other day. So far I’ve planned some Critical Role Stuff, some Babylon 5 stuff, and some characters from the next webcomic I plan on doing. Patrons will see these pictures before they go up on Instagram and should have already seen some last week. 😀 I spend a lot more time on Instagram and Facebook so if you have the inclination, check it out!

Also, since we’ve got 3 weeks in October, and you’ll be getting LaSalle’s Legacy for 2, here’s some brand-spanking new Spider Forest comics for you to enjoy. Every one of them is really awesome and I guarantee you’ll find a new one to love. I did. And give them a warm welcome into our SpiderForest community. 😀

Week of October 1- Magical Worlds

Heart of Keol
: Ethan is a young man with a broken family. After an encounter with a mysterious child, he wakes up in a strange world that looks a lot like ancient Korea—except with magic. Even with all this frenzy happening around him, he can’t seem to shake off his family baggage…

Tistow: Small Trolls
: Jáhko and Veeti live out daily adventures in the nearby woods, helping fairies build houses, outwitting monsters, gathering seeds with trolls and helping wisps grow saplings. Under the guidance from Jáhko’s grandmother and the woodland spirits, the boys will learn the ways of the shaman and to respect nature.

Children of Eldair
: Koe finds a young woman held by demons, kidnapped from Earth and brought to his world by fairies. Can he help Embera get back home, and will his own world survive the journey?

Week of October 8- Fantastic and Frightening Creatures

I, Mummy:
An impulsive teenager turned mummy investigates her own murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost. Our story occurs in a future based on predictions from the late 1800s—a future where everyone can fly and there’s no such thing as wi-fi.

When a coup for power sends the world’s superhuman population into all out war, humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction. In their final hour a weapon designed to strip power from all superhumans is unleashed. On some, it works. Others become something far worse.