Aw Henry. Never change, dude. Never change.

Can you tell I had a lot of fun doing Ingrid’s hair? Because I did. A lot. XD I hope the month’s going well for you! I was still trying to figure out a good way to do backgrounds and I was noticing that these backgrounds were getting extremely dark. So later, you’ll see that I lightened them up a bit in an effort to lighten the mood. Here, the mood is supposed to be oppressive so I guess now that I look back on it, it kinda works. I’ll take credit for it- yeah! It totally wasn’t accidental at all! XD

I totally lied about Inktober too. I’ve been posting pretty regularly on Instagram and it’s been a wee bit of a challenge but not nearly as bad as I had forseen. And I even had 3 cavities and a sick, teething toddler to deal with for part of it. D: I’ve been introducing some new characters from the comic I will be doing after LaSalle’s Legacy and will be posting more about them in the future so if you’re interested in my next project (yes, I’m crazy, I have another project) head on over to instagram to follow me and see! And keep your fingers crossed I can finish every day of Inktober. It’s been really fun to not only do but to see all the awesome artwork everyone has. 😀

And on to more SpiderForest comics to love and support! Yaaaaay!

Week of October 15: Adventuring: the Advanced Course

: Retired warrior Dionisia’s quiet life as a grandmother is interrupted when an old friend is in need of saving. With her past catching up to her she is about to discover just how magic left her world, and have to decide if it is worth bringing back.

Beneath the Clouds
: Genza, a exiled nobleman-turned-monk, is offered a chance to redeem himself by undertaking a perilous journey to Heian Kyo. Will Genza be prepared to confront his own demons in order to save the life of the man who exiled him, will his daughter Masako make a new life for herself in the city, and does a stranger met on the road offer a chance for a new way forward?

Hex Lovers (NSFW)
: A comedic tale of romance, depression and magic users! Follow the adventures of Blue Wizard & Hex Witch as they survive dungeons, goblins, and long term relationships! Along the way they will encounter both friend, foe and ex-boyfriends.

Week of October 22: Thriller week!

: In a world where human fears can take on terrifying physical shapes, a blind boy’s intense fear of Darkness becomes a danger not only to himself but everyone around him. Welcome to Bonabyl.

Little Light Asylum
: In a strange orphanage where the little monsters really are little monsters, three friends are constantly getting themselves in supernatural misadventures.

The Magpie (NSFW)
: There is no escape from Pinewood, this is the one thing Amanda knows. At least she thought she knew, until Trixie, the new girl came to town. As the rules she once believed fall apart, Amanda soon faces the truth of her town. She isn’t the only one that wants out.