You’ve seen Thane’s work before, and I got another card from her so I had to share. 😀 Yvette looks so cute! Varethane writes and draws the fabulous comic Chirault, where a young bewitched demon and demon hunter find themselves entangled in Big Happenings! I’m terrible at excerpts, but you should check it out. Varethane is an amazing storyteller and artist, and if you love fantasy that’s off the beaten path, you’ll love it.

This was actually part of an art trade I did with her. Here’s what I did for her; her character Kirian.

Vote incentives this week are some sketches of locations coming up in the next chapter. Mostly I was trying to figure out layouts so I could get the furniture somewhat accurate in each location, so if you want a sneak peek at some places we’ll be going, vote! 😀