Yeah, keelhauling… not so good.

Kickstarter promo time!

This weeks webcomic of the week, Chirault, also has a kickstarter running! She’s already doing stretch goals, which means an awesome new story, so if you love Chirault, this is the perfect time to support her!

Also, my good friends who do Tamuran are also holding a kickstarter this month to print book 2. Tamuran is a beautifully drawn and written epic high fantasy comic and Eren and Kennedy are some of the nicest people in the world. If you love supporting creator-owned projects, please check both out. 😀

This week’s Webcomic of the Week is Chirault by Varethane!

In a world of magic, the Mages Guild has created an orb with the power to destroy cities and have lost control of it. In the midst of this, Teeko, who has been magically shrunk, joins up with demon hunter Kiran to figure out how to reverse the spell. They find themselves embroiled in all kinds of mysteries and intrigue. You’ve seen Thane’s work here during the fanart breaks and her art is AMAZING! If you love high-fantasy stories, you’ll love Chirault.