Drawing that third panel was pretty fun. Ah, the stocks… not a great place to be in.

Everyone have a good weekend? I mostly did chores like laundry so it was pretty uneventful for me. I did get to watch a couple of movies after doing chores though- The Wolverine and JFK. The Wolverine was fun for the most part. Plot holes like swiss cheese, but Hugh Jackman shirtless made up for all of that. And barely any shakycam. That’s a big plus in my book. The other was JFK. My husband loves the Kennedy/Johnson/Nixon era of politics so it was fun. Long, with a huge speech at the end that could have been much shorter, but interesting nonetheless. It probably would be even more interesting for conspiracy theorists considering the movie was the director’s theory of what ‘really’ happened during Kennedy’s assassination, but the acting was good and the directing interesting.

This week’s Webcomic of the Week is Chirault by Varethane!

In a world of magic, the Mages Guild has created an orb with the power to destroy cities and have lost control of it. In the midst of this, Teeko, who has been magically shrunk, joins up with demon hunter Kiran to figure out how to reverse the spell. They find themselves embroiled in all kinds of mysteries and intrigue. You’ve seen Thane’s work here during the fanart breaks and her art is AMAZING! If you love high-fantasy stories, you’ll love Chirault.