They’re free!… Maybe.

Good news! I’ve decided that for the rest of the chapter, I will be updating twice a week! So you get an update every Monday and Thursday until the end! Which will happen at the end of March. I figured I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging and it’s all done anyway so you guys get to read the whole thing! Yay!

In other news, there WILL be a Kickstarter for the final two books sometime this year. That all depends on when I move house and things (we are currently in the ‘looking around’ stage). There will also be another project, probably a webcomic, and I plan on doing some more writing as well. If you’re at all interested in what goes on after LaSalle’s Legacy, project wise, then make sure to follow me either on Instagram or Facebook where I’ll be making announcements when I can. To be honest, I wanted to have the kickstarter immediately once the last page uploads but that won’t be feasible even if I did delay the upload schedule. So it will be sometime later this year, hopefully in June but we’ll have to see. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the comic!