While Maria’s lying in that second panel, she actually wasn’t too far off. You’re lucky Mark has other plans for you, Maria.

This week’s Spiderforest comic of the week is Stargazer’s Gate by Tiffany Monro!


It’s currently just started so here’s a blurb from the author:

” Some gates aren’t meant to be opened. Atrina Vilanar stumbles through a gate into the tightly controlled world of Wynd, leaving behind her sister, Leawyn, who’s certain Atrina isn’t dead. Her search leads her through the dark secrets of her lineage, and straight into another mysterious gate. Open gates are open doors to the things on the other side.

Caed is a cursed man on the run from his past. When Mina Rosser disappears into the increasingly dangerous forest, he’s given an opportunity that might free him from his curse. Instead, it leads him back to something he thought he left behind twelve years ago: Stargazer’s gate.”

The artwork is gorgeous, with an almost watercolor feel to it. Check it out!