I’m sure he’ll be back. With a soul patch!

This fanart isn’t new, but I only put it on facebook, so those who saw it there will recognize it.


This is from my friend Whitney Delagio, who does the webcomic Prism the Miracle. I have her to blame for introducing me to this song.

Since the weather was nice this weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon walking around Annapolis and getting some good reference photos. Annapolis is a fun place to visit because many of the buildings have been preserved since colonial times, and the red bricks are always pretty to look at. It’s also very dog-friendly; you see people walking their dogs in stores and eating outside with their dogs at restaurants. Some restaurants even have water bowls for the dogs. My favorite place to visit there is called Capital Teas, where they have a large selection of tea and teacups. We always leave with something from there; this time, we came out with a green tea that tastes like japanese cherries. It’s really good.

I hope you all had a good weekend! Anyone do anything exciting?