It’s a new chapter! Gracing the cover page of this chapter are Kevin and Colin, both of whom aren’t major players as of yet. The Clannaughtsmen love their music almost as much as they love their whiskey, and these two are the best on the ship. They tend to have impromptu jam sessions either during the calm or at dock.

This month is going to be a hectic one for me, writing wise. I’m planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this year, and unlike last year where I only had a paragraph of preparation, I’m starting to outline my story better. I don’t know if that will mean a better novel, but at least I won’t be panicking on the tenth day because I’d covered everything in my outline and have to make up more on the fly.

And, vote to see a really neat background for next week’s page! I’m pretty proud of that page.