Hi everyone! Gosh, is it November already? Time flies! I gave birth to an adorable baby girl in April and she’s been keeping me very busy since then. Coffee is now my elixir of life every single day. I also had a severe bout of postpartum depression which kept me from working for a few months. Now that’s been taken care of and she’s sleeping better so I’ve managed to get some time to work, as my Patreon followers have been seeing.

So Lasalle’s Legacy will return April 2016. Originally I was going to start in January, but grabbing art time is kind of tricky since my office is still in the baby’s room and she doesn’t sleep if I’m working in the room. Nap time? Hah! Mommy’s here to play! XD

Updates will no longer be twice a week. I would like to see if I can do once a week, but here’s the thing. Since I don’t do much art (aside from sketch cards, which you can see on my Instagram), I’m using LaSalle’s Legacy as a portfolio piece. THis means I want to take my time both with the art and presentation. I’m not going to be taking forever but I’m trying to make sure things look good and experiment at the same time. Because of all that, production time has been a lot longer. I’m working hard to try and get a buffer done now so there will be no interruptions, and I’m hoping things will be a lot less chaotic after the holidays. So bear with me and when the pages come back, I’ll let you know how consistent the updates will be.

On the bright side, we are close to the end! LaSalle’s Legacy will be 24 chapters and Chapter 20 will start in April. I’m nervous and excited at the same time: so many good things are coming up! I hope you guys enjoy the ride. Thank you as always for your patience and support and I will see you guys in April! 😀