Wow, ten whole pages! In this one, you see a lot of backsides. I honestly didn’t mean to introduce a lot of these guys by their rear ends, but I ended up really liking that angle, so you get to admire them from behind. I’ll give you names once you see their faces. Jonathan made sure these guys had some training in fighting, since he had a feeling pirates would drop by. Bob, as always, did as requested.

On a side note, I went to Otakon this weekend! It was an odd feeling since this is the first year in about three that I haven’t had a table in Artist’s Alley. I checked the Otakon website too late to snag one of the many tables. Still, it was nice to experience a con as a visitor rather than working. I still managed to spend way more money than anticipated (but I got good deals!) and did not give in to the temptation to buy the oh-so cute, huggable squishables. I hope my resolve will remain strong next year, as this year there were octopi in the mix, and I was sorely tempted. Artist’s Alley looked packed, and I hope all my fellow artists did well this con. Next year, I WILL be among you.