What is this, you ask? A post on Thursday? Yep! I will be gone this weekend, so you guys get two pages of comic this week. We will be back to our regular Sunday updates in two weeks.

We finally meet Mr Figglesby. His first name is Richard, and he’s extremely fun to draw. I love drawing 17th century hair, with all the curls and the big pompadour wigs. I just finished seeing Amadeus, and I believe the last time I saw it was when I was small. I fell in love with all the costumes, and quite frankly couldn’t have cared less about the plot just as long I saw lavish costumes and baroque scenery.  The music was beautiful as well, although I remember preferring to play Bach on the piano. I really adored baroque music, and the baroque art style in general. Neoclassical… pshaw! Give me lots of ornaments anytime!

Oh, and we meet Thomas O’Brian as well. He too has a wig, because Mr Figglesby insists.

And if you’ve managed to read down this far, take a look at the third panel. You’ll notice multiple point perspective, some of which did get covered by word bubbles. This was my first time tackling this type of perspective, and I think I did a pretty decent job with it.  Too bad I had to cover it all with word bubbles.