Ah, going into enemy territory unarmed. Always a great plan.

Here’s a quick synopsis of events that happened before (I meant to do this Tuesday, but remembered only on Wednesday, so you get it now): Henry travels to Cook’s tribe partially to heal Cook’s wife, but mostly to learn about necromancy from the woman who created Rodney. After a successful healing, Henry bargains with Olumin, the medicine woman, to learn about necromancy in exchange for information on the mage hunters: the Order of the Owl. Olumin agrees to teach him if he can pass her apprentice test.

You can also reread parts of it starting here.

The fencing was inspired when I went to visit the Natural Bridge in Virginia. While the bridge itself was impressive, the park also had a small reconstruction of a Native American village and the fencing was very similar. So I used that for panel 3.

This week’s SpiderForest comic of the week is The Sundown Boys by Emma.

The DeSaule organization may be corrupt and violent, but it pays decently, which is why the Heron brothers are working for them instead of one of the other mobster organizations controlling America. A chance encounter with a girl from their past leads them to discover that they have powers beyond human capability and begin investigating the DeSaule organization further. What they find will change their lives forever, if it doesn’t get them killed first.

The Sundown Boys is a gritty mobster tale with amazing visuals and great dialogue. Check it out!

Also, if you enjoy LaSalle’s Legacy and want to help me out as well, I do sell books in the store. The books and bookmarks make perfect Christmas gifts. 🙂