Moar punching!

I was supposed to have this Worldbuilding tidbit up last week but I forgot. So you get it this week. It’s about Pierre’s former ship, the Victory!

The Victory

His Majesty’s Ship the Victory is a three-masted ship, built by the Velts in the docks of North Zeeland and captured in the year 1996 by Captain Pierre LaSalle of the Naxion Navy. Originally named Graaf Willem, she was refit and renamed after four years and given as a prize vessel to the captain who captured her. Her gun chambers were expanded and she was made into a privateer, specifically to capture Espin ships during the War of 1999. Her presence, and that of Captain LaSalle, was one of the turning points in the Raid of Tortemba. Once a peace treaty was drawn in the year 2003, Lord Staningway of Goldgreen commissioned her as a pirate hunter in the Xantian Seas, allowing Captain LaSalle to continue to sail her. LaSalle did quite well as a pirate hunter, bringing several pirates to justice and retaking several stolen ships. In the year 2010, the Victory suddenly seemed to vanish into thin air as she didn’t return to Naxos from her scheduled tour of the Xantian Islands. Though several pirates boast that they were the ones to sink her, most believe her ballast crystal lost its magic and is now at the bottom of the Xantian ocean off the coast of North Andrea, where she was last seen. There has been no trace of her crew or captain since.