Uh oh…. that’s not good…

(edit 9/16) I totally forgot that we had a ton of new members this month! Welcome to everyone! Here’s a list of awesome new Spiderforest Member comics to check out.

Northwind by Molly Hayden and colors by SF Creator Aja
Gifts of Wandering Ice by Olga Makarova
Black Shallows by Kirstin Lee
Corner the Maze by Morgan Lees
The Last Traveler by Karen Heckman
Broken by Kristina Caruso
Fighting Dreamers by Sarah “Manny” Truax
Interritus by Simina Popescu
The Stoop-Gallants by MJ Alexander and WW Rose
Flaky Pastry by Félix Lavallée
Ten Earth Shattering Blows by Tommaso “Nuclearpasta” Devito
Ingress Adventuring Co. by Kay Rossbach
Goddess of Paradise by Dee S.
Earth in a Pocket by Helen Greetham
Faction by Alexander Wozny, Alex Palm, Jordan Giesbrecht and Heliotrope