Who leaves empty barrels all over the docks? That’s just rude! They’re waiting to be thrown like Donkey Kong weapons!

Not much to say this week as I’ve been keeping my head down and working, both on making sure Chapter 19 gets finished before my maternity leave and the comic I’ve been doing for the 1001 Knights Anthology. And making sure we’re as prepared for baby as we can get. XD

If you follow me on Tumblr I occasionally post WIPs from my comic for the Anthology. It’s been really fun since I’m working in a slightly different style and working in color. The kickstarter is due to launch in May I think and there are tons of great artists contributing, including my Spiderforest buddies Christina Major and Kata Kane. Here’s a preview of what I’ve been doing-


If I’m able to, I’ll be posting a bit about the campaign on social media when it happens, but if you’re interested in the anthology, check out the tumblr! Lots of great art there.