Well now, here’s a character we haven’t seen recently.

This weekend my husband and I decided we hadn’t watched any pretentious foreign films in a while so we rented ‘Masculin Feminin.” It did not disappoint- random philiosophical discussions in extremely crowded cafe’s, random deaths for no reason, and, because it’s French, lots of talks about sex (incidentaly, in France do all men talk so openly to women about what bra they wear?). The cinematography and editing were pretty good, but the actual written material was almost like the Filipino desert halo-halo- it had everything and the kitchen sink all mixed together into one glob of gooey mess. And like halo-halo, it’s probably an acquired taste. I don’t like halo-halo and I didn’t like this movie. I do like the occasional art film, especially non-narrative film, but this one just felt pretentious to me. Like it was trying so hard to be Important and Intellectual and was really not much of anything. Maybe if I do some research into 1960’s French cinema I’ll appreciate it more, but for now I’m glad I watched it, but I’m also glad to never watch it again.
And no, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, either for the game or the commercials. I don’t know why people watch just for the commercials. I saw a special where they showed all the best Super Bowl commercials over the years and I still thought they were boring.